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Our patients come to us at all ages and from various walks of life. Many come from the greater Portland area, while others come from 25, 35, 50 or more miles away.

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Alice’s story is typical of many patients at Restorative and Aesthetic Dental Associates.

Alice is nearing her 70s. As she’s aged, she has seen her friends lose teeth and struggle with dentures and bridges. She has seen their children and grandchildren recoil from partially or completely toothless grins. She has seen many of her friends give up the foods they most enjoyed because of their teeth, and she knows some are either too embarrassed to smile or have frequent dental pain that results in numerous visits to the dentist to spend money they can’t afford to treat nagging issues brought on by time and neglect.

Alice doesn’t want any part of that and is grateful she chose a different path about 20 years ago when she first started to have her own dental problems.

Back then, Alice went to the dentist regularly but was always experiencing some sort of dental crisis: a broken tooth, a lost filling, or painful toothaches. She didn’t like how her teeth were aging. They were wearing down, chipping, and getting darker. Her regular dentist treated her problems, but didn’t seem to share her concern about the overall trend.

That’s when she heard about a dental office in Portland, Maine with a different approach, so she decided to make an appointment.

From the beginning, Alice could tell this experience was going to be different. Instead of having her teeth cleaned first, she met with the dentist and had a conversation. They talked about her family and her recent vacation. They did talk about teeth, but in a different way. Instead of telling her what to do, the dentist asked about her goals, about what was important to her about oral health, and about what she liked and disliked about her teeth. After just a few minutes, she realized she had never before had an actual chance to talk to her dentist!

Next, they went into a treatment room and the dentist inspected her mouth in great detail. As he looked, he explained what he was seeing. She learned more about her mouth than ever before. She had x-rays and photographs taken, and because her issues were complex, she and the dentist developed a plan to get her mouth into good shape and keep it there. It was a plan that met her goals and fit into her life and her budget.

When the initial work was completed, Alice loved her smile! Her teeth were bright, white, and strong. Since then, her dentist has helped her take good care of herself and her smile. She eats anything she wants with confidence and she smiles with pride.

Alice is grateful she found a dental office that took the time to listen to her. She had found dentists who listen—she had found Restorative and Aesthetic Dental Associates.

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