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Restoring Oral Health

Many dental procedures correct problems with your oral health to prevent them from becoming seriously inconvenient, painful, expensive to fix, or even life threatening.

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Preventive Crowns—You can prevent fracture of a weakened or damaged tooth by having a crown placed on it. A crown will protect you from unpleasant dental procedures, large dental bills, and many future oral problems.

Removing and/or Replacing Teeth—Replacing lost teeth can address appearance as well as function. Teeth function best as a group, supported by adjacent and opposing teeth. If you don’t replace missing teeth chewing properly becomes difficult, other teeth are weakened, and the supporting bone deteriorates, leading to additional problems. Dental implants, fixed bridges, and removable dentures are all viable options based on your needs.

Replacing Amalgam Fillings—Silver amalgam fillings are durable, but as the edges break down and start to leak, they need to be replaced. And while there is no scientific evidence showing toxic or detrimental effects of silver fillings, if you are concerned, be sure to speak with your dentist about possibly replacing your amalgam fillings with composite materials.

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