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Preventive Care

Dental care is very personal, yet we can all benefit from preventing dental problems before they arise.

Next Forty Dentistry

Professional Cleaningsindividualized dental hygiene plan based on you because some people can get by with cleanings every 8 months, and others need cleanings every 3 months.

Fluoride—a simple, preventive step that does not need to stop as you age. The benefit of fluoride for adults has been well documented.

Sealants—Applying sealants fills deep fissures in molars with a safe tooth-colored material that significantly reduces the risk of cavities.

Athletic Mouth Guards—Custom-fitted, semisoft mouth guards provide the best protection to cushion your mouth during sports to help prevent broken and damaged teeth (and some studies show mouth guards can reduce the risk of concussion).

Night Guards—For people who grind or clench their teeth at night these custom mouth guards are made of hard plastic to protect the teeth, muscles, and protect against sore TMJs (jaw joints), tired muscles, and headaches.

Nutrition—Your dentists will discuss with you the impact of nutrition on your oral health, including not only tooth decay but the supporting structures of the teeth (gums and bone).

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