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Cosmetic Dentistry: Look Your Best

Cosmetic dentistry gives you the most attractive smile at every age.

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A beautiful smile helps you make the best possible first impressions—for job seeking, dating, meeting with clients, and playing with grandchildren. Cosmetic dentistry gives you the most attractive smile at every age.

Teeth Whitening—Teeth can be lightened several shades to reverse darkening that occurs naturally over time and from coffee, tea and other things you eat.

Replacing Amalgam Fillings—Silver amalgam fillings tend to tarnish and turn black in your mouth, often turning your teeth gray.  Replacing them with composite fillings that perfectly match your tooth color makes them virtually invisible.

Orthodontics—Orthodontics is no longer just for kids. Teeth movement due to accident or trauma, or that naturally occurs, can happen at any time, making your teeth more susceptible to cracking, grinding, chipping, wearing, and breaking. Modern orthodontics can be almost invisible so no one else needs to know.

Cosmetic Crowns—Crowns are designed to cap teeth that are chipped, worn, heavily filled, or just not shaped how you would like. Crowns are made from several different materials, typically porcelain for cosmetic procedures, and can be made in our lab in virtually unlimited shades, shapes, sizes, and colors.

Veneers—When your teeth don’t need the structural support of a crown, a veneer—a thin porcelain or composite shell—can be bonded to your teeth to correct tooth color, shape, length and position.

Replacing Missing Teeth—Replacing teeth restores function, stabilizes your bite, and improves your smile. Missing teeth can be replaced with either removable products (partials or dentures) or fixed products such as bridges and implants.

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